EOL Academy Syllabus


Internal Notes on Class Content

  1. Manual Piloting + advanced PVP Class
  2. Dscan/Probing Class
  3. Scouting/ FC class
  4. Fleet composition class

(See notes below for suggested content for each class)

Note: Everything below are only suggested activities, coaches have final say on class content

Manual piloting & Advanced PVP Class

  1. Basics of double clicking in space, why we sometimes do it over approach/orbit
    1. Able to fly cone shape to keep range and position without losing transversal
    2. Able to Navigate figure 8 with two boxes
    3. Lightly touch on transversal, we will revisit this in scouting class with a more hands-on practice
  2. Knowing key characteristic of different weapon systems/racial ships
    1. Able to identify pros and cons for each weapon type
    2. Able to identify ship resist holes
    3. Able to provide a guess for how a match up will play out, don’t have to be great at it since we will revisit in fleet composition class

Follow up mid-week activity suggestion: We host a quick internal T1 cruiser 1v1 tournament on sisi. No drugs, no implant, no ewar. Mainly to get people excited about PVP and not bored mid-week. Plus they will get to know EOL members.

D-scan/ Probing Class

  1. Basics of 5 degree scanning using probe window and solar system map – we will practice this in scouting class as well
    1. How to scan down ships at celestials and combat anoms
    2. Knowing how changing overview settings can filter out dscan results
  2. Basics of scanning and tricks
    1. You can tailor this to student experience. This will be crucial to students if they chose to stay with us after the academy.
    2. Factors that goes into combat scanning (scan res, sig radius of target ship, etc)
    3. Emphasis the importance of combat scanning not only for solo content but also the importance of it in fleet combat. (dictate range, Warp in on logi, longbow corm, etc.)
  3. Go hide in a safe and ask students to scan you down (first student lands on zero at you wins that round), increase difficulty after each time (ex. start warping around between 3 safes, they should know to stop at one safe to hope you bounce to an old safe)

Follow up mid-week activity suggestion: We should bring the students for a mid-week roam to solely catch ratters in NS. Ask students to practice Dscan.

Scouting/ Fleet Command Part 1 Class

  1. Importance of scouting & preferred scouting ships
    1. Make them practice individual interceptor transversal approach 720mm arty ship, should be able to get under your guns from 100km without dying
  2. Students should learn how to read dotlan
    1. Ability to identify ratting pockets
    2. Ability to identify potential dangerous pipes
  3. Geography of EVE k-space
    1. Major stagings for LS and NS entities
    2. Key Low sec systems
    3. Key choke points in Null (LXQ, HED-GP, PF-, etc.)
  4. Different types of Fleets and the extend of the roles of FCs
    1. Why Large and medium fleets needs FC and why they anchor
      1. Coordinate Alpha, transversal, positioning, etc
    2. The role of 「FC」 in smaller gangs (this is the most important part)
      1. Coordinate primary target, scanning for threats, less of an 「FC」 but the main voiceover when fighting on grid.
      2. Emphasis on importance of communication from individual pilots on grid.
  5. Moving your gang through space
    1. Asking students to pick a route with waypoints between two systems given priority of fleet (catching ratters? Avoiding gate camps? Looking for content?)
  6. Use the rest of time to focus on null sec gate aggression mechanics, since 90% of fights happen on gate
    1. Fleet members calling out enemy aggression on gate
    2. Practice look at -> double click prop mod on -> decloaking ships on gates (stay in the interceptors students used to practice earlier)
      1. Assuming enemy is prototype cloak sabre/ non nullified t3c caught in friendly sabre bubble after gate flash

Following Mid-week Impromptu Class suggestion: We can perhaps have a lesson middle of the week on how to fly a dictor in NS.*

*This class should include stop/drag bubble mechanics. Asking students to identify good systems to set up drag/stop bubbles. This will go hand in hand with the lesson content on drag bubble/stop bubble. (2 gates in system, >14.3 au from nearby celestial and each other, pipe system... you know the drill!)

Fleet command part 2 & Fleet comp (final seminar)

  1. Knowing the meta of different sized fights, their pros and cons
    1. Small gang (important)
      1. Besides nano, show importance of ewar (damps, neut, WEB!!!)
    2. WH Brawls (important)
      1. ( I am not too familiar with this but feel free to spend more time on WH since that’s our corp’s main source of content)
    3. NS large fleets
      1. Just glance over this. But mention the importance of application and force multipliers.
  2. Knowing the win condition for a comp and what it can/cannot engage
    1. RLML has 16-20k dmg depending on hull but reload makes it vulnerable
    2. Eg. Rails Brutix fleet VS Munin fleet, with webs Brutix have a higher chance of winning, Munin want to use its higher speed to get under Brutix’s guns』 transversal and load close range ammo
    3. … I feel like there are more stuff to be covered but I am too tired to go on..

Capstone Project

In the following 2-3 weeks, we will ask each student to organize, plan, and lead (FC) a fleet of their choosing as their capstone project. They can choose from a WH fight (if it spontaneously happen and they happen to be on) or just roaming k-space. Active EOL members are encouraged to join but remember to give room for the student to lead. Student will write an AAR afterwards.

After everyone has completed their capstone project, we will conclude this cycle of the academy. Each member who completed the training program will be extended an invite to EOL or given a recommendation to a corp/alliance of their choosing.


  1. 手動駕駛+高級PVP類課
  2. D-scan /探針課
  3. 偵察/FC課
  4. 艦隊組成課




  1. 太空雙擊的基礎知識,為什麼我們有時不會在approach/orbit?
    1. 能夠飛錐形狀以保持範圍和位置而不會丟失transversal
    2. 能夠繞八字
    3. 略過transversal,我們將在偵查班中通過更多的動手實踐來重溫
  2. 了解不同武器系統/種族船隻的關鍵特徵
    1. 能夠確定每種武器類型的利弊
    2. 能夠識別船上的抵抗孔
    3. 能夠猜測對決的結果,不必太擅長,因為我們將重新參加車隊組成課程
  3. 跟進周中活動建議:我們在sisi上舉辦一次內部T1巡洋艦1v1快速錦標賽。沒有毒品,沒有植入物,沒有電子戰爭。主要是為了讓人們對PVP感到興奮,並且在周三不再感到厭倦。另外,他們也趁機認識EOL成員。


  1. 使用探測窗和太陽系地圖進行5度掃描的基礎知識-我們還將在偵察課中進行練習
    1. 如何在天體上掃描飛船並與戰鬥點
    2. 了解更改概覽設置如何過濾出dscan結果
  2. 掃描基礎和技巧
    1. 您可以根據學生的經驗進行調整。如果學生選擇在學院畢業後留在我們這裏,這對他們至關重要。
    2. 進行戰鬥掃描的因素(掃描解像度,目標艦船的信號半徑等)
    3. 強調戰鬥掃描的重要性,不僅要針對個人內容,而且可以在艦隊戰鬥中使用。 (dictate range on warp in,land on their logi,longbow corms, 等等)
  3. 躲藏在一個保險點,讓學生對你進行掃描(第一個學生在你那回合贏得零),每次都增加難度(例如,開始在3個保險箱之間互跳,他們應該知道停在一個保險箱上希望你跳到一個舊保險點了)
  4. 跟進周中活動建議:我們應該帶學生進行周中漫遊,以完全捕捉NS中的刷子為重點。要求學生練習Dscan ishtar/gila。


  1. 偵察和首選偵察船的重要性
    1. 使他們練習720mm保持transversal輪流ceptor朝你,應該能夠在不死的情況下從100公里起步到手操環繞scram
  2. 學生應學習如何閱讀dotlan
    1. 能夠識別刷子口袋
    2. 識別潛在危險管道的能力
  3. EVE k空間的地理
    1. LS和NS實力的主要staging
    2. 關鍵的低安系統
    3. Null中的關鍵平口星系(paala -> LXQ,Keberz -> HED-GP,Orvolle -> PF- 等)
  4. 不同類型的艦隊和功能界別
    1. 大中型艦隊為何需要FC,以及為何anchor
      1. 因為Alpha,transversal, positioning等
    2. 「 FC」在較小幫派中的作用(這是最重要的部分)
      1. 協調主要目標,注以高威脅性的船(rapier, hugin, ramming ceptors, etc.)
    3. 強調各個飛行員在grid上進行交流的重要性。而不是「FC」說什麼你做什麼,而是在grid上戰鬥時大家都有責。
  5. 在空間中移動隊伍
    1. 要求學生在你選擇兩個系統之間計劃路線,以隊伍的目標在心裏(捕獲刷刷?避開大門營地?尋找內容?)
  6. 由於其餘90%的戰鬥發生在登機口,因此請利用其餘時間專注於登機口aggression機制
    1. 讓艦隊成員在門口溝通敵人誰aggress了,同時學生要保持手操以登機口為point的cone
    2. 練習看->雙擊 -> prop mod ->在門上decloak飛船(讓學生留在以前練習的攔截機中)
    3. 假設敵人是prototype cloak sabre/non-nullified的T3C,過門後陷入友軍sabre的泡泡中
  7. 遵循周中即興課堂的建議:學習如何在NS中使用sabre*
    1. *該課程應包括stop/drag bubble技巧。要求學生找出好的星際來設置拖動/停止氣泡。這將與拖動氣泡/停止氣泡上的課程內容齊頭並進。 (系統中有2個閘門,距離附近的天體和彼此之間> 14.3 au,管道系統...教官您知道我想說什麼!)


  1. 了解不同大小的戰鬥的元數據,其優缺點
    1. 小幫派(重要)
      1. 除了納米之外,還顯示出電子戰的重要性(damps,neut,WEB !!!)
    2. WH鬥毆(重要)
      1. …(我對此不太熟悉,但是可以隨意花更多的時間在WH上,因為那是我們公司的主要內容來源)
    3. NS大型艦隊
      1. 只需瀏覽一下。但是要提到應用和力乘的重要性。
  2. 了解比賽的獲勝條件及其可以/不能參與的活動
    1. RLML具有16-20k dmg(取決於船體),但重載使其易受攻擊
    2. 例如。 Rails Brutix艦隊VS 720mm Munin艦隊,擁有網狀Brutix獲勝的機會更大,Munin希望利用其更高的速度來獲Brutix的橫用近距離彈藥
    3. ……我覺得還有很多東西要講,但我太累了,無法繼續下去。


在接下來的2-3周內,我們將要求每個學生組織,計劃和領導(FC)他們選擇的團隊作為他們的頂峰項目。 他們可以從WH戰鬥中選擇(如果它是自發發生並且恰好學員在),也可以選擇roam k空間。 鼓勵積極的EOL成員加入,但請記住要留出空間讓學生領導。 學生將隨後寫一個AAR。

每個人都完成了他們的頂峰項目之後,我們將結束該學院的這一周期。 每個完成培訓計劃的成員都將被邀請參加EOL或向他們選擇的公司/聯盟推薦。